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The Yacht Week is a series of mobile floating festivals set in 9 destinations around the world. What started out in 2006, is now a global phenomenon attracting thousands of young, summer-lovers from around the world.

Sail, party and live on a yacht with your friends and hundreds of other Yacht Weekers in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Thailand. It’s a private trip full of private parties that you buy your way into.

The Yacht Week isn’t just one trip but a series of flotillas throughout the year, you join the fun by either rounding up your friends and chartering a boat or, if you’re flying solo, reserving a cabin on an existing yacht.

The Yacht Week regulates the guy/girl ratio on every trip, aiming for an even 50/50 mix. So when you book, you’ll see a percentage next to the boat you’re trying to reserve; this is the minimum % of female patrons that must be in your party to set sail. It’s kinda like going to a high-end club, except instead of getting seven hours of pounding techno music, you get seven days of it. – Yeah that’s fun, isn’t it?

So what goes on aboard this immensely cool and insane trip other than the expensive yachts and the heart thumping music on green/blue waters? – A weeklong schedule of events that includes everything from exclusive parties, to snorkeling adventures, to day trips around nearby islands.

Where is The Yacht Week?

There are six locations where The Yacht Week operates: Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Thailand, and the British Virgin Islands (BVI). As mentioned, each route runs during a specific time of year (although there is some overlap), typically summer in Europe, winter in Thailand, and winter/spring in BVI.

A typical day, is as follows:

9-11am: Wake up and eat breakfast on the boat.
10am-12pm: Set sail.
12-2pm: Lunch stop in a nice natural bay. The yacht will stay at anchor for one-two hours while you swim, eat lunch, and relax.
2-4pm: Sail to the next port. Enjoy some sun on deck.
4-6pm: Arrive at port. If you get there early, you can score a slip and walk ashore. If you arrive late, you’re likely grabbing a mooring in the harbor and will take the dinghy to the dock.
6-8pm: Dinner at a restaurant in town.
8-11pm: Drinks, socializing, and parties on the boats.
10pm-12am: Head to the evening’s designated Yacht Week party.
2-4am: Bed time!

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The number of boats on each route is limited, so in either case, you should book early.

How much does it cost ?

Prices start/range from about $600-$1,000 a person, no it does not include food, plane tickets, or transfers from the nearest airport to the marina.

It also doesn’t include fuel or port fees for your boat (which can range from $25-$100 per night) or the cost of a skipper/hostess should you not know how to sail the damn thing and/or want to make your own sandwiches – Yes its not all inclusive, and there’s a reason behind it – its simply not for everyone. Its something only the cool kids would wanna do. Duh!! Who’s complaining……?? – Take my money already!!

The penultimate question – When and where?

Croatia – June 4th – September 3rd – Take our word for it – This is the one you want to be on – Don’t miss: The Party in a Castle at Ft. George

Italy – July 23rd – August 6th – Don’t miss: The trek up an active volcano in Stromboli (lava flow permitting)

Greece – July 9th – September 3rd – Don’t miss: The White Party on Ermioni Island

British Virgin Islands – December 27 – January 10th, March 5th – 26th, May 28th – June 18th – Don’t miss – The Baths, one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, is an entire landscape of giant, volcanically formed boulders that create dozens of grottoes and pools.

Thailand – December 12th – January 3rd – Don’t miss: The Emerald Cave at Koh Muk, a beach you can only reach by swimming through a cave in complete darkness

Turkey – July 23rd – August 6th – Don’t miss: Ekincik, a remote, desert cove with underwater caves perfect for exploring

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