Lets explore the most photographed places on Earth and find out what no other TRAVEL ORGANIZER will tell you. Well….they will need to know it themselves first.

Here are some secret places hidden in some of the most famous places.

So lets get it on.

  1. TimesSquare: A major commercial intersection, tourist destination, entertainment center and neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan section of New York City at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. At least 37 million people visit times square every year. Ever wondered how you hide an entire building(yes you read that right) in such a place?

Recognize This ?

6. The Secret Fallout Shelter on Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

Most or many of you must already have been to Prague and none of you, we guess, would have missed hanging out at WENCESLAS Square. Well, some of you might have seen, if not, stayed at the luxurious JALTA HOTEL(which we highly recommed). Well, here’s an interesting thing about that hotel – “A nuclear fallout shelter is hidden under the hotel, which is a rare and exceptional feature”. There you go, we dropped another bomb(not the one you may think, but most of you will get the slang!!)

Jalta Hotel

The shelter is situated in three underground levels below the hotel and has massive reinforced concrete walls, which prevent radioactive contamination, nuclear explosion and aerial bombardment(not that we see a nuclear war happening anytime soon).

It was built in the 1950s with the intention to serve as the military headquarters of the Warsaw Pact countries in case of war. It is also protected against biological and radioactive weapons due to the filtering and ventilation machinery. The construction is so solid that nothing has been able to damage the labyrinth corridors and chambers and even today, the concrete is sound and intact. The 1st Floor housed a hospital with a secret entrance and a spy room, serviced by 30 doctors + a special room for electric shock treatment, an ancillary room with medical supplies, a plaster room, a space for bed-ridden patients, a space for persons affected by chemical warfare agents and a restroom for personnel. The Spy Room had cables connected to it from all hotel rooms.

The second underground level recalled the luxury of the upper hotel levels and was intended to have only exclusive access. The two levels together could accommodate two hundred and eighty persons. The third level is where the technical equipment was. It holds a water reservoir, which was used for drinking water as well as water for the hospital. There is a plumbing installation, ventilation facilities, power system connected to an independent power source with a backup device in case of a blackout.


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